Aesthetic Medicine

To improve and enhance the appearance, texture, and contours of the skin, face and body.
Aesthetic Medicine is a clinical sub-specialty of anti aging medicine. At Como Health Group we utilise minimally invasive cosmetic treatments such as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), Phototherapy technologies (Laser and LED) and cosmetic acupuncture.
We are in an enviable situation to combine these techniques with nutriceuticals and nutritional advice to expedite and improve upon the usual outcomes.
We can assist with weight optimisation, reduction of the unsightly scars of acne, surgery or keloid scarring, minimising ageing lines, wrinkles, stretchmarks, sagging jowls or simply facial rejuvenation.
Cryotherapy (liquid Nitrous Oxide) is also utilised to remove benign skin lesions such as unwanted skin tags, warts and sunspots.