Bio-Terrain Analysis

All cells of our body live in an extracellular fluid environment, and are only capable of growing and performing their special functions as long as adequate concentrations of oxygen, glucose, minerals, amino acids, fatty substances, and other nutrients are available to them. We call this environment the biological terrain.

Biological Terrain Analysis is a method to measure the three vital biological factors of this environment—acid-alkaline balance, oxidation activity and mineral concentration—in the blood, urine and saliva, which in turn determines the health status of the body’s internal biochemistry. This test, allows us to examine the ecosystem of the blood, urine, and saliva.

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So why is this information valuable?

The test provides data about the current state of the building blocks of the body—your enzymes, amino acids, minerals, cell membranes, and electrons. By understanding how the chemistry of your body is functioning, we can then look at lifestyle adjustments that support improvements to your health.

Another important aspect of this particular test is its ability to alert us to pre-pathological changes in the body that predispose our bodies to many chronic degenerative diseases and infections. For example, did you know that cancer can only establish itself when the body’s terrain has altered sufficiently in the wrong direction.

Detecting changes in the biological terrain early allows us to work on correcting imbalances before they manifest into disease.

What is involved?

After an overnight fast two urine samples are collected. A small amount of saliva and a finger prick of blood will also be taken at your consultation for microscopic and electro-chemical analysis.

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