MORA Therapy

What is MORA Therapy?

MORA  is a non-invasive bioresonance device developed by Biological Medicine practitioners in Germany in the late 1900’s.  The device samples electromagnetic fields and via a feedback mechanism enhances healthy physiological processes whilst attenuating pathological  processes.

No energy is generated by the MORA unit, rather the individual’s own energy fields and the MORA unit form a closed circuit  by way of  electrodes in contact with the hands and  feet. The MORA unit samples the body’s energies, measures the healthy frequencies, amplifies them and then returns them to the body.

Pathological or disharmonious frequencies are altered via a process of filtration and wave inversion. The “new” wave is then amplified and returned to the body as a healthy and harmonious wave form. It is possible to amplify a weakened healthy frequency as well as reduce the intensity of an unhealthy frequency.

This serves to unblock chronic persistent cellular dysfunction thereby initiating  the healing process.

Bioresonance therapy is the result of the merging of  the medical  disciplines of modern medicine, homoeopathy, chinese medicine and electronics.