Activated Air

What is Activated air?

Activated air therapy  is the process made possible with a medical device that splits the doublet oxygen atom into its singlet form. This ionised oxygen therapy imitates nature in that similar to the air in a dew filled forest after rain has fallen, singlet oxygen charges your body on a cellular level.

Singlet oxygen is formed in nature on the surface of the leaves of plants and trees through a process called photosensitization. Photosensitization requires oxygen, light, and a  photosensitizer like chlorophyll, which can act like a catalyst to transfer the light energy to the oxygen. The result is singlet oxygen, with a distinctively high level of energy. Our medical device converts the air we breathe  into singlet oxygen which upon returning to its ground state releases a  wavelength of light.

This optimizes cell metabolism and energy production without forcing unnatural amounts of oxygen or artificial substances in the body. The procedure involves breathing the charged air via a nasal cannula and is both invigorating  and relaxing.

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Activated Air is used for:

  • Respiratory diseases

  • Fatigue

  • Cancer support

  • General health enhancement

  • Wound healing ie. ulcers

  • Anti aging

  • Enhancing the  performance of athletes

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