What is Photomedicine?

Photomedicine is the application of particles of light called photons to our body for healing purposes via various light emitting technologies. The wavelengths chosen determines the depth of penetration, (and hence the target) of the therapy.

Our Lasers use low intensity, coherent laser light in the red to  infrared spectrum which penetrates within the deeper layers of our body. Our LED phototherapy system utilises less penetrating wavelengths and thus its suitability for skin & aesthetic medicine purposes.

Photomedicine is side effect free and does not heat nor damage the skin. It is a pleasant and relaxing therapy with often mood elevating effects reported.

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How does Photomedicine work?

The transfer of light energy deep into the tissue or blood modulates certain biological processes within the cells and connective tissues.

It activates the body’s natural healing mechanisms on a cellular and systemic level, supplying the cells with the energy to activate self-healing, increase immune activity and to overcome tissue damage, chronic disease or pain.

Photomedicine is used extensively at this centre for pain & wound management, infection control, facial rejuvenation & aesthetic medicine.

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