Myotherapy & Remedial Massage

Myotherapy incorporates a range of modalities involving massage specific to your pain/discomfort. Myotherapy promotes the body’s healing processes through the stimulation of blood flow, eliminating painful trigger points and loosening tension in muscles as well as prescribing exercises / stretches to suit your condition.


What to expect from a Myotherapy treatment:

Your treatment will involve assessment and understanding of your presenting symptoms including movements which cause pain, what you can and can’t do, looking at imbalances and structural issues etc. Myotherapy may be largely hands on but may also use dry needling, cupping, lymphatic drainage, taping and exercise / stretch prescription for the best results for your condition.

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What Myotherapy and Remedial massage can help with:

  • Neck Pain / back Pain

  • Headaches / migraines

  • Neurological – sciatica, carpal tunnel, numbness, tingling, loss of grip strength

  • Structural – joint mobilisation

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Repetitive Strain Injury

  • Lymphedema / blocked lymph nodes / sinus issues

  • General muscle tension

  • Pregnancy

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