A healthy body functions as a synchronised, harmonious unit. When it’s in balance, you feel well, function well, and enjoy life. When your body processes get out of balance, that’s when things go wrong. Pain, stress and disease result. Como Health Group can help you regain that balance and make sure you stay that way with our health management, preventative and antiageing programmes.

We use Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Counselling, Myotherapy, Chiropractic and multiple medical technologies to overcome conditions such as infections, neck/back and joint pain, fatigue, indigestion, migraine, arthritis, anxiety /depression and respiratory conditions.

We also take a step further and employ preventative processes, such as detoxification, vitality enhancement & cardiovascular programmes to help prevent disease before it begins and help you live a longer happier life.

Envied by many practises in the Melbourne area, Como Health Group has resolved the need for a broader approach to health management by recruiting a team of experienced professionals with a select range of skills.

We pride ourselves in providing non pharmaceutical techniques to restore and maintain physical, mental and emotional health. Como Health Group utilises many medical technological devices ranging from pulsing magnetic fields to the full gamut of phototherapy (lasers & LED) to infrared sauna. This successful integration of technology has enabled a paradigm shift towards proven integrative medical systems, established upon a strong foundation of the laws of nature.

In many instances, we have provided solutions where modern medical intervention has failed. That’s because we address the cause, not just the symptoms! We understand how you feel. And have the expertise to make you feel well again.