Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Do I need a referral?

No, a referral is not necessary but does often occur from allied health professionals.

How long are the consultations?

Generally a consultation will take anywhere from 20-60 minutes depending on the type of therapy and the client’s individual needs at the time.

How long will it take to resolve my complaint?

This is difficult to determine without factoring in the type of condition and the circumstances and the duration of the complaint. If you have concerns re the above we would recommend that you discuss this with your attending practitioner at the initial consultation.

Will I be kept long in the waiting room?

We aim and usually succeed in keeping to time. You will be informed on arrival if your attending practitioner is running late.

Will I need to go elsewhere for my medicines if they are prescribed?

No, the centre has a well stocked dispensary so that a visit elsewhere is eliminated.

Do you give discounts to pensioners, dependents and others?

Yes, just mention it to our receptionist at the initial visit.

What is the waiting time to get an appointment?

If you are flexible with the times we will endeavour to find an appointment for you within a few days, but this can not be guaranteed. If there is any urgency or pain involved then we will always find a time for you. Just mention this to our receptionist on enquiry.

Are you covered by my private Health Insurance? Do you offer HICAPS?

Yes. Our practitioners are all registered with the relevant organizations and are therefore providers for all the health funds. But it’s usually a good idea to check your individual cover first to ensure that you are covered for the particularly therapy you desire. HICAPS is now available.

Chiropractic FAQs

Please see also our chiropractic page

What training and qualifications does a Chiropractor have?

In Australia Chiropractors do a five year double degree at approved universities specializing in areas such as anatomy, physiology, X-rays, medical science, spinal anatomy, neurology and orthopaedics.

What causes the sound of an adjustment?

The popping sound is caused by gases being released from the joint when it is slightly separated. It is definitely NOT bone rubbing on bone. Remember not all adjustments make a popping noise.

Is it bad to ‘crack’ your own back or neck ?

The desire to pop the neck or back is caused by tension from a jammed or fixated vertebra, which causes another part of the spine to compensate by moving too much and “popping” . The jammed part should be adjusted by a chiropractor so that the rest of the spinal column will have balance and cease being hypermobile and noisy.

At what age can you start Chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care can begin from birth. Many newborns receive spinal adjustments, especially after difficult births. Chiropractic care is safe and gentle for all ages.

Is Chiropractic safe?

Chiropractic adjustments are safer than aspirin, muscle relaxers and back surgery. Dozens of research studies have documented the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments. When compared with traditional approaches, chiropractic care is remarkably safe. In fact, millions of chiropractic adjustments are safely delivered to satisfied patients every day!

How often will I need to return for treatment?

At Como Health Group every person is assessed and treated individually. Some find they only need one or two treatments for their complaint to resolve whereas for others more treatments may be required. Others find maintenance program is more suited to them. What’s best for you will be determined and discussed on your first visit.

What is Maintenance Care?

Once you’re most obvious symptoms have been reduced or eliminated many patients opt for regular chiropractic ‘check ups’. This type of preventative, wellness care can save time and money by helping prevent little problems from becoming serious.

Is Chiropractic safe and effective for a pregnant woman and her unborn child?

Absolutely Chiropractics gentle, drug free approach is especially beneficial during pregnancy.

Myotherapy FAQ

How does Myotherapy differ from massage?

Myotherapists have undergone their remedial massage certificate and so are capable in treating all areas of the body for muscular pain or dysfunction. Myotherapy is an added component and a higher qualification which extends deeper into knowledge around anatomy, specific pathologies and neurological conditions.

Claire treats everyone based on their individual needs and if you are pain free and would still like treatment, there are many benefits including relaxation, preventing injury, boost immune system, improve sleep, promote muscle health, blood flow and activating the parasympathetic nervous system to decrease anxiety.

Is Myotherapy safe and effective for pregnant women?

Yes, Claire has also gained extra qualifications in the treatment of  pregnant women and their unborn children.

Is Myotherapy covered by private Health Insurance?

Yes, however it is a good idea to check your individual cover first to ensure that you are specifically covered for Myotherapy.

How long an appointment should I book?

We recommend booking a 60 minute initial appointment to fully assess and treat any presenting symptoms. Your follow up may require a shorter visit but this will be discussed with you on an individual basis.

Are maintenance treatments a good idea if I don’t have any acute issues?

Yes, maintenance to keep your muscles supple and joints mobile can be a great idea to prevent injury or pain. Myotherapy and massage is also proven to improve wellbeing, increase blood flow, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve sleep quality.