Como Health Group prides itself on the experience and talent of our team of skilled health professionals. Our clinicians are  dedicated passionate full time professionals trained in a wide range of health disciplines including Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Homoeopathy, Herbalism, Chiropractic, Clinical Nutrition, Myotherapy and Counselling/Psychotherapy. The atmosphere at Como Health Group is always welcoming and relaxed as we work closely with our clients to ensure a positive outcome.

All practitioners are registered with health providers and offer rebates.

Chris Ravesi

Naturopathic Physician & Acupuncturist

Over three decades Chris has developed a reputation for his skills, dedication and his personable approach. His insatiable quest for knowledge in this chosen field has meant numerous educational journeys to both Europe & the USA. This accounts for his vast and eclectic skill set. Chris’ special interest lies in integrating new research and technologies into a traditional approach to health care.

Curriculum Vitae

Karen Farrell


Previously trained as a Registered Nurse, Karen completed her Chiropractic degree in 2000 and has been with the Group since 2005. Karen combines her valuable nursing knowledge with a variety of Chiropractic techniques including manual, drop-piece, activator adjustments, Sacro-Occipital Technique and soft tissue therapy. Karen incorporates passive and active strategies for addressing pain and injuries, focusing on non invasive holistic client care.

Claire Adamson


Claire is now a decade into practicing and has experience treating many & varied conditions. She aims to improve mobility whilst alleviating pain from office workers to athletes. With a background in yoga and meditation Claire has a holistic approach to her treatments. Claire places focus on understanding the cause of discomfort rather than just the symptoms in order to maintain the benefits of treatment in the long term.

Anita Hammond

B.A., DipEd. GradDipRE, M.Couns.

Anita works collaboratively to provide a safe, empathetic and trusting working relationship with clients.  Through the therapeutic process, Anita encourages resilience and overall well-being through psychological interventions. Each client is understood in their own context from their unique experiences. She will help unlock your potential and assist you to feel more confident and content. Prior to completing her masters in Counselling, Anita worked as a high school teacher and spent most of her years in leadership.  She also writes self-help articles for an online, lifestyle magazine.

Shaun French

BHSc., Naturopathic Physician

Shaun is a passionate and enthusiastic Naturopath with a keen interest in herbal and nutritional medicine.

He tailors his treatments with careful consideration of the complex interplay of diet, lifestyle, and human physiology, taking the time to understand the individual and their set of unique internal and external circumstances and how this plays out in states of health and illness.

He greatly values Naturopathic Medicine and its role in preventative, primary, and complementary health care.